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Coaching Journey Contest Winner

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 11/06/2015

Congratulations to Linda Crawford of Edmonton, AB on winning the #MyCoachingJourney contest!

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary of "The Art & Science of Coaching" Summer Intensive Program in Vancouver, BC, Linda has won back her entire coach training tuition of $4,596 from Erickson. Linda's story won with a total of 233 votes.

Linda's Story “Since I can remember I was always that “go to” person that people would share their deepest secrets never shared with anyone. Decades later, I am that safe place for people to share their vulnerabilities, gain support, clarify powerful solutions and be seen and heard in the powerful transformation of it all in my workshops and training.  

The last six years have been the most tumultuous I’ve ever faced. A divorce, becoming a single-parent, cancer diagnosis of my mother, my youngest’s daughters recent diagnosis of scoliosis, four household moves and the prospect of bankruptcy early on. Life has thrown some curve-balls and what I know is this: I could NOT have navigated this without support from my family, friends, mentors and coaches along the way. I am forever grateful to every single person who had my back, raised me up and inspired strategies and solutions to rise above my challenges, obstacles and setbacks.  

The inner fortitude of remaining committed to my journey of Self-Care along the way has been pivotal. Focusing on solutions rather than the problem has been my personal and professional invitation. So why am I considering the Erickson Coaching International Summer Intensive Training?

After about two decades of living a full life devoted to supporting myself and others throughout my career, I am ready to take on another challenge. Completion of all five modules and graduating with distinction will be a fine initiation into this next chapter of my “Solutions Approach” to every client who says YES to themselves and their process related to the Artistry of Self-Care and their life of self-empowerment.  

My motto is: You are your BEST Investment and you are Worth it. Because I had the support over the years that gave me permission to fill up my cup in nourishing ways that helped me come alive in spite of life’s challenges, I yearn to be that coach IN, WITH and FOR someone wanting to live a great life and be supported especially during difficult times of transition and change in a powerful relationship to their Self-Care using a system and tools proven to create positive results.  

My vision is to be a Certified Coach that offers a framework in which each and every client sees only possibility and has the desire to succeed and fiercely explore solutions rather than focus on the problem. Erickson will provide further education, tools, resources, an expanded context and a strong community in which I will thrive as a Masterful Coach. According to Erickson, “Coaching is a creative partnership with your client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in your client’s personal and/or professional life.” I am excited to deepen my learning through their competencies: “Solution Focused-Systemic-Client-Centered and Action Oriented” approaches.  

I believe I have graduated and earned my Masters in cultivating a mindset that gives me freedom and courage to take a stand for what I believe matters: every single person has the right to live a great life, to feel nourished and whole and to be supported in all of it.  

I intend to build a very successful coaching practice thanks to the support of Erickson’s Training Institute and my circle of influence that will assist me in making it happen. In order for that to occur, I also need your support in. If you feel called, vote for me as the winner of this creative contest to attain full tuition for my training. I bow and thank you in advance for believing in me. I want to dedicate this pledge to my daughter's empowerment for a happy, healthy and resourceful life who are my inspiration to keep going no matter what.”  

Thank you to all of our contest entrants - your stories are truly inspiring and demonstrate your great passion for coaching. We look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Intensive starting July 2, 2015, in Vancouver, BC.

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