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Coaching Journey

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 05/06/2015

Angelina Kukkamalla | Guntur, India
"My Journey to join this training program started when I was asked this question: "Who will want you?" This question boggled my mind, and I got stressed and depressed.   I was taking a break in my career doing my doctoral degree, which was taking lot of time. Nobody understood my pain, worry and the stress involved in working out a complicated research problem. "When will you finish?" questions were pouring in from friends and relatives. They started being judgmental about me and passing such comments, the worst of it was, "Who will want you?" Such a comment implies to both personal and professional life. After stressing out for a month or so, I found this coaching program which motivates people both professionally and personally. I needed this. I have acknowledged many such problems in my career as well as in my personal life. Then thoughts shifted from problem to solution. I have overcome many problems; I can help people solve theirs too. But I needed some orientation to effectively help people solve their problems. Nobody wants advice but simple motivation to solve their own problems. I am like that, so assume others to be like that. Having read few articles over internet, Coaching is exactly the profession for me, my calling. If I can succeed in showing people to solve their own problems, many will need me. This is my real mission accomplished to the sarcastic comment received. In a way, I took the comment as a base for my inspiration to succeed a mountain big in life. I started this journey, facing lot of hurdles, yet never will give up on this calling."

Laura Hutcheson | Victoria, BC, Canada
"My journey to becoming a life coach began years ago when I first experienced the "Aha!" moments that a solution-based approach can yield.  Since then, I have pursued education and a career as a volunteer counselor, and have come to truly believe in the process and benefits of self discovery. Post-counselling, however, there is often a feeling of "Now what?" This feeling of being stuck is a common one.  We all experience periods of stagnation as we go through life — in our jobs, in our relationships, and even in our greater sense of purpose. I believe this is where coaching can be invaluable. I love that Erickson's solution-focused coaching is designed to efficiently bring clarity to client issues while being respectful of each client's unique journey.  I look forward to learning the skills I need to help my clients look to the future and develop a plan to achieve their goals."

Donna Richmond | Nanaimo, BC, Canada
"My interest in coaching began a few years ago while studying other health and wellness modalities. Along the way there have been several “ahh ha” moments but one point in particular especially resonates with me. We are not defined or limited by our past experiences, good or bad; they were simply part of the journey. Every day we have a choice. We can tell ourselves “stories” to keep ourselves down or we can step forward. We can step into a life of our own choosing, into one that is authentically our own.   Within each of us is our own unique greatness and sometimes through life events or everyday ups and downs we can lose sight of that. As a coach I want to empower clients to see that inner greatness, their own inner light, again.  I truly believe the key to permanent change is empowering people. When change comes from within we are capable of amazing things, at our center we know what is right for us. As a professional coach I want to ask the right questions to get people engaged. To help prepare a plan of action based on what is right for my clients as an individual, as a company, or as a team.  I want to honour where they have been and the journey they have been on but what I really want to get to, what I really want to help them focus on and get clear about is, where is it they want to go?"

Jane Chambers | Gibson's, BC, Canada
"I remember that even as a small child, I longed to feel a connection that had meaning and value. All through this life’s journey to where now, I can call myself a ‘mature’ person, I have always sought a deeper connection with people.   So now, lets fast forward to the present, where in my ‘youthful maturity’ I am in a place, where I feel I still have more to offer, and it was through a conversation with a friend that I heard the words “Have you ever thought of being a coach?” That started my path to learning what it meant to be a coach.   Through research on the subject, I found and read Marilyn Atkinson's books on coaching and felt an instant resonance with the language she used. The idea that, as a coach, we ask powerful, thought provoking questions, that allow people to examine their capabilities and options from a positive place, and support them to look beyond where they are in that moment to a solution focused space is so inspiring. And then help them make choices and take action towards a better version of themselves, was exciting for me. And that as humans, the belief that we know within ourselves, that we have that knowledge, is so empowering and something I have believed in, all my life.   I am still seeking to have more positive deeper connections with others and I can’t think of a more honest and privileged place I would want to be working from, than as a Solution based Coach."

Jennifer Smith | Gibson's, BC, Canada
"When excitedly talking about my dreams of becoming a Life Coach someone once said to me, “Why would you want to do that? And expose yourself to other people’s problems?” Without a second of hesitation, I enthusiastically replied, “Because I don’t see the problem Sir, I see the solution.” There are far too many reasons why I dream of becoming a Solution-Focused Life Coach to possibly put down on paper, but given the chance it would be my dream come true. Why do people dream and desire the different things they do? Some people dream of being astronauts, some people dream of being an acrobat in the circus, and some people dream of being race car drivers! I’m sure you’ve dreamed of being something. If I asked you right now -- knowing there would be no judgement-- and you could be and do anything in the world, what would it be?? I am the person who dreams about being a Life Coach and the experiences I’ve had thus far in my life have confirmed it. Throughout my life of relationships, travelling around the world, and owning a health and fitness business I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life. Everyone I have met, near and far, I believe, have beautiful souls. I appreciate the individual charisma in everybody and I see the underlying beauty in everyone. Even You! Yes, You reading this!

My universal message is: We all experience suffering from time to time, all of us, in one form or another, but even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re okay, we are. And we always will be. And that when we suffer there may be some temporary clouds in front of us, but deep down our sun will always shine again. As Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I want to provide people with the tools they need and the opportunity to see that they are innately well and give them the ability to see what I see in them. I don’t see suffering, I see temporary pain. I don’t see situations as bad, I see them as a learning experiences. I don’t see problems, I see solutions. Given the chance to become a Solution-Focused Life Coach, I will help other people see this too. I want to give everyone experiencing a rainy day the guidance they need to clear their sky. It is my passion, it is my dream and it is natural for me. Please dream of your dreams coming true and think of me, as I think of you. Beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this and know that I vow to see the beauty in all of you."

Linda Crawford | Edmonton, AB, Canada
"Since I can remember I was always that “go to” person that people would share their deepest secrets never shared with anyone. Decades later, I am that safe place for people to share their vulnerabilities, gain support, clarify powerful solutions and be seen and heard in the powerful transformation of it all in my workshops and training.  The last six years have been the most tumultuous I’ve ever faced. A divorce, becoming a single-parent, cancer diagnosis of my mother, my youngest’s daughters recent diagnosis of scoliosis, four household moves and the prospect of bankruptcy early on. Life has thrown some curve-balls and what I know is this: I could NOT have navigated this without support from my family, friends, mentors and coaches along the way. I am forever grateful to every single person who had my back, raised me up and inspired strategies and solutions to rise above my challenges, obstacles and setbacks.   The inner fortitude of remaining committed to my journey of Self-Care along the way has been pivotal. Focusing on solutions rather than the problem has been my personal and professional invitation. So why am I considering the Erickson Coaching International Summer Intensive Training?   After about two decades of living a full life devoted to supporting myself and others throughout my career, I am ready to take on another challenge. Completion of all five modules and graduating with distinction will be a fine initiation into this next chapter of my “Solutions Approach” to every client who says YES to themselves and their process related to the Artistry of Self-Care and their life of self-empowerment.  

My motto is : You are your BEST Investment and you are Worth it. Because I had the support over the years that gave me permission to fill up my cup in nourishing ways that helped me come alive in spite of life’s challenges, I yearn to be that coach IN, WITH and FOR someone wanting to live a great life and be supported especially during difficult times of transition and change in a powerful relationship to their Self-Care using a system and tools proven to create positive results. My vision is to be a Certified Coach that offers a framework in which each and every client sees only possibility and has the desire to succeed and fiercely explore solutions rather than focus on the problem. Erickson will provide further education, tools, resources, an expanded context and a strong community in which I will thrive as a Masterful Coach. According to Erickson, “Coaching is a creative partnership with your client, focusing on designing and implementing specific, meaningful changes in your client's personal and/or professional life.” I am excited to deepen my learning through their competencies: “Solution Focused-Systemic-Client-Centered and Action Oriented” approaches.   I believe I have graduated and earned my Masters in cultivating a mind-set that gives me freedom and courage to take a stand for what I believe matters: every single person has the right to live a great life, to feel nourished and whole and to be supported in all of it.   I intend to build a very successful coaching practice thanks to the support of Erickson’s Training Institute and my circle of influence that will assist me in making it happen. In order for that to occur, I also need your support in. If you feel called, vote for me as the winner of this creative contest to attain full tuition for my training. I bow and thank you in advance for believing in me. I want to dedicate this pledge to my daughters empowerment for a happy, healthy and resourceful life who are my inspiration to keep going no matter what."

Larry Millington | Lethbridge, AB, Canada
"I'm very excited to be enrolled in the Erickson Colleges Vancouver Summer Intensive 2015 training! I'm very fortunate to have completed another stage of my life which was building, operating, and passing down our family owned business to one of my sons. I'm also very fortunate and grateful to have two sons and one daughter and eight grand children. My business career lasted 23 years and being able to fulfill the succession plan within my family has been very rewarding. Over the years I dealt with many different personalities and when I obtained personal coaching to help me deal with some of the challenges I was facing I immediately saw the benefits coaching can have personally and on all our relationships. I believe that coaching is something that I'm very passionate about when it comes to assisting young entrepreneurs and business owners. I want to learn how to be the best coach for these people and to embark on a second career that I'm confident I will truly enjoy each day."

Tina Shaw | Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
"I am excited to be sharing with you why I chose to be a Solution Focused Coach! I love to empower, encourage, support, motivate, and challenge people to reach their goal outcome!   When I was a young girl I did not feel heard or accepted! I had many challenges and struggles in my life! Social anxiety, fear, and insecurities. I could not read, tell time, spell, add....The loud voices would take over my brain. I would often hear you're stupid, you're retarded..nobody likes you, you can't do that.. you're not smart enough, you're worthless! I listened to those people and those words turned into beliefs and loud voices in my head, which I listened to for years. I felt horrible! I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I felt! So I protected those that got bullied like me!   I got very good at being a loyal friend, listening, and watching for body language! I became very passionate about people! Through my own trials and being there for others during their trials, I have become very passionate about solution-focused coaching. Coaching has blessed my life! I desire to share these tools and make a positive difference!   As a coach, you encourage people by asking open ended questions to help them stay on track and focused on their future so they to can reach their goals! I have learned to be an active listener and allow others to be accountable to their dreams, values, and goals! Powerful questions help individuals make decisions that will allow them to face life adversities and sail through the storm with a solution focused mindset that brings more peace, hope and healthier happier life! My mission is to have all feel valued, heard, and loved! Like I feel NOW!"

Christine Boublil | Paris, France
"I am very excited to join the Summer Intensive session for many reasons. First of all, I am a consultant in management and organizational change. I am continuously faced with situations where I have to find the best way to help my clients understand and decide what is best for their company and sometimes also for them. I feel it is sometimes difficult to sort out where is the limit between helping the system work better, helping the persons to cooperate in more efficient manner and to help themselves also. Second, I discovered Erickson Coaching International and approach purely by chance. I was attracted by this approach because it is not like something you learn by heart but rather like something you experience and live yourself. This focus and the reference to the works of Dr Milton Erickson really appeal to me. Third, why come to Vancouver, could you say? There is a school in France, sessions organized. Well precisely because it is out of France and in Vancouver. It is where the approach has been started, in a city that has a reputation for wellness and wellbeing, and a framework that enables to get to know people from all parts of the world. It is also an opportunity to step back from day to day life and be in a situation where there is nothing else to do than come back to who you are really and what you are really here for.   And last but not least, I have lost last year a very close relative. I feel it is now the right time for me to think of my new life. Even if it still early, I am on the brink of a renewal and probably major personal choices. I need to take care of myself and I trust the Erickson approach can help me go through this challenging period of my life. So I have lots of hope, lots of faith in what is coming up. As I also know things never turn out exactly how we think they will, I am also very keen on being surprised and delighted with all that I will discover and learn next month. I can hardly wait to be there! Thanks for reading me and supporting me with your messages. Best regards Christine."