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Coaching Goes to Hollywood

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 22/02/2015

Erickson actively promotes the value that coaching can bring to so many areas of life. We are super excited about the world’s first full feature Coaching Documentary, and how passionate people are about it.  

What’s fantastic about this project is that its mission is to inspire change for 1,000,000 lives through coaching excellence. Now that is something we can get behind!   The movie is still going through its crowdfunding campaign (until March 11, 2015) and is at 75% of its goal, which will be used to cover the costs associated with actually producing the film (crew and production expenses). With all this hard work, this movie is sure to inspire those with a passion for coaching.  

The production team is confident that the film will be a major success for the following reasons:  

  • Global distribution will be handled by those those responsible for “The Secret”
  • Award-winning film makers directing and taking roles in the movie
  • A reach of over 2 million people through email and social media subscription and campaigning
  • Involvement of top coaches and experts such as Mark Thompson who has coached Steve Jobs and Richard Branson
  • 100% confirmed production as a result of funds raised outside of the Indiegogo campaign

You can take a look at the official trailer for the movie here:

If this movie has already started to inspire you, be sure to share it with your own community and network.

You can learn more at and find links to support crowdfunding through Indiegogo, nominate an expert, or even apply to be filmed (don’t forget, it’s based in Los Angeles, California).

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