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Coaching As A Mirror

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 09/04/2015

Erickson Founder and CEO, Marilyn Atkinson, speaks with Atria Coaching and shares personal insight about the world of professional coaching.  

Did you know that coaching can serve as the mirror of a person's inner development? As professional coaches, we can find out what the client is interested in by asking questions that help to define their vision. The client should be curious about the next step of their journey, which is usually exploratory, courageous and motivating. As a coach, sharing the ability to ask the right questions will help guide the client to their own solutions and goals.  

Coaches can help to teach everyone that they hold the answers to their own questions within themselves and that they are the key to their own success. Using discoveries in the field of neuroscience, we can grow and change at any age - we aren't tied to our past.  

Coaching can be used in a number of ways, whether on a personal, professional or corporate level. While general coaching best practices focus on interest, deep listening and meaningful questions, it can be adapted to coach individuals in any of these environments so that they can be Solution-Focused in their efforts at all times.  

In the video below, Marilyn shares her perspective on the sustainability of coaching, the future of Erickson Coaching International and how coaching sessions themselves can evolve in the future. Stay tuned to the end of the video for some coaching tips from Marilyn herself! Let us know how you see the future of professional coaching unfolding by leaving your comment on this page.

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