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Taking a New Perspective

written by Erickson Coaching International on 08/17/2018

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Using Coaching Tools to Address Objections

written by Aaron Carlson on 08/16/2018

Recently I was working with a team on developing an action plan in response to an employee survey. After evaluating the data, the team identified that they wanted to improve the morale of the organization.

Becoming a Solution-Focused Parent

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 08/13/2018

Children are amazing with their full-spectrum, emotional circuitry! However, sometimes we parents are baffled by how emotional, angry, sad, depressed, or combative our children can become even in one moment!

Executive Coaching: Effective Conflict Resolution

written by Erickson Coaching International on 08/10/2018

Executive coaching has become an investment that continues to provide a host of benefits for organizations of all sizes, both small and large. Coaching skills acquired by leaders offer multi-level benefits.

Become a Stronger Leader

written by Erickson Coaching International on 08/03/2018

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Donald H. McGannon

Create Action Steps

written by Erickson Coaching International on 07/20/2018

"Action is the antidote to despair." - Joan Baez

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Managing?

written by Erickson Coaching International on 07/14/2018

Tight deadlines, endless meetings and hundreds of emails – the life of a manager is hectic enough without adding coaching to the mix. But taking that extra effort will benefit the bottom line.

When and How to Refer a Client to Therapy?

written by Alicia M. Hullinger on 07/12/2018

In coaching the focus is typically about visioning, success, the present and moving into the future. Occasionally, it may become apparent that the client is emotionally unhealthy or is having trouble in daily life. This may indicate a need for something beyond coaching, such as therapy, which is clearly beyond the scope of coaching


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