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Your Weekly Executive Coach Success Goal: Press Record!

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 25/09/2012

If you're still battling with getting blog posts out, and you know you have the gift of the gab; hope is not lost! Many professional executive coaches that battle with getting content for their blogs have found starting with dictation to be a godsend. Even if you're not going to podcast, hitting the record button might be a good way to get ideas down to write posts later.  

Your coach success assignment for this week, should you choose to accept it:

Press record every day for 5 minutes.

Picking a topic will help it not be complete free-association, but if you're starved for a topic, just press play, you might be surprised what comes out! A few great tips from professional speakers and podcasters:  
1. Answer A Common Question If it's too scattershot, simply start by answering a common question.  
2. Picture Your Audience - Literally! If you're driving alone, pretend you're speaking to your target audience - put a picture of someone in your mind ... oh and put a smile on their face.  
3. Shoot From The Hip Use your regular language and style, don't try to be overly formal or something that isn't YOU. People like approachable, relaxed and fun speakers.  
4. Don't Be Perfect. This is critical, good content without perfect polish is better than content that never quite makes it to press. Start with good, then improve, don't get stuck in the trap of perfectionism.

So What to Do With Your Recording?

1. Convert it to a blog post  
2. Give it to someone else and have them convert it to multiple posts (ideally)  
3. Create a podcast and embed it on your blog, links on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn

Not Sure How to Record on Your Device?

Record on an iPhone

Record on Android


Uploading Audio File to Your Blog:

You can use a 3rd party plugin for your blog to play the file like this wordpress mp3 player

Creating a Podcast:

If you actually want to create a podcast for download on iPhones from iTunes, you will need to follow Apple's guidelines: Apple's Creating a Podcast Instructions  

Good Luck! This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds...