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The Spirit Of Christmas. A Letter From Marilyn Atkinson.

written byMarilyn Atkinsonon 15/12/2015

Marilyn Atkinson Holiday Greetings

Dear Erickson coaches, students, grads, and the entire global community,

This is Marilyn with a few thoughts as we turn the corner towards our Christmas Season 2015. Personally, I love the deep appreciation that unfolds as people look towards the value and reflect on our shared life together. Christmas reflections are always an important part of my own unfolding life and purpose.

May I share a few with you?

The Spirit of Christmas, the same as with all true Spiritual Quests, pervades Coaching. I have been privileged this year to teach a wide spectrum of different kinds of Coaching programs in different lands of the Earth. Some of these programs primarily had Consciousness development aims: programs such as "The Art and Science of Mindfulness", "Deep Coaching – Advance of the Spirit", "The Nine Habits of The Freedom to Love", and "The Light of the Enneagram". In these programs, I have had the great pleasure to observe how gladly people take up their own quest towards personal wisdom. People want passage into stronger self-awareness, and, more and more, they are willing to pay the ‘cost of the ticket’ – the willingness to give back as much as they receive.

Like with the Three Wise Men of yore, the yearning for wisdom is palpable on this earth. This is especially true today, with many challenges facing us as we turn the corner into 2016. People everywhere want to connect deeply with their own vision and their own self-discovery system. It is time now for all of us to use our inner wisdom as our true guide for the unfolding journey.

The aim of real leadership is true contribution. In this sense, it is aligned with the spirit of true mentorship and with this wonderful season of fellowship. This aim shifts people from politics to the visionary development of a cadre of leaders. It shifts teams from mundane scrabbling to Mastery focus. With coaching as our inner game, each day in our life advances our capacity for deep satisfaction and real contribution. The two go hand in hand.

You are receiving this letter because you are loved. May the spirit of Christmas and of Coaching pervade your life, and may wonderful coaching opportunities fill your days with Vision, Mastery, and Joy.

With deep respect,
Marilyn Atkinson
Founder of Erickson Coaching International

P.S. 2016 is the year of when Erickson Think Tank in Bali is taking place, and I cordially invite you to learn more about this exciting global event called "The World Game" here. Come and join us there to create a lasting positive change in your community!

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