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Solution-Focused Coaching

Coaching Productivity Hacks

As entrepreneurs, coaches are focused on their business 24/7. Not only must they take the time to grow and create a sustainable business, but they must be available and attentive to their clients during scheduled sessions. Sometimes it can be hard to keep focused, and knowing how you can prioritize to manage your time best is key to getting the most important things taken care of.

Pinpoint the Cause of Your Distraction

Responding to Grief with Coaching

Last week saw tragic events in Paris that have rocked the international community, and for those involved, the coming days, weeks and months will require a lot of effort as they work through personal grief.

Almost 40 years ago, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first defined the five stages of grief in her book “On Death and Dying”, as denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages have been the basis for how grief is measured across all types of individuals.


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