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Solution-Focused Coaching

The Art of Active Listening

Do you ever find that, when you’re talking with someone, you’re planning your response before they've even finished their sentence, thought or opinion?  

That’s what we call “Level One” listening - where you’re listening but in a distracted, less engaged manner. While you can still have a great conversation with someone, you can potentially have a much more valuable one if you focus on adjusting your listening style.  

The Power Of Positive Thinking

“The Secret” is a book, movie, and movement about the Law of Attraction and how we can improve our lives by focusing on what we want in such a way that it is attracted to us.   A huge part of the movie is the importance of maintaining positivity. Whether you have watched the movie, read the book, or not, one can’t deny the value that being positive can have on one’s life and goals, when compared to negative thinking.   According to “The Secret”, thinking negatively attracts further or increased negativity, in the same way that a positive mental attitude attracts the positive to you.


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