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Solution-Focused Coaching

A Better Way To Find And Retain Top Performers

A lot of research was conducted to figure out why some people are top performers. Surprisingly, having talent was not one of the differentiators and yet many companies keep looking for talent. Geoffrey Colvin wrote a book on this topic called “Talent is overrated”. In this book, Colvin explains how people become outstanding at what they do. He describes what it takes to BECOME truly great. But is it possible to find that one person (talent?) who has an above average chance to become a high performer in your company?

How to make good coaching even greater?

Over the last 8 years I have enjoyed the pleasure of being a Mentor Coach for coaches seeking their International Coach Federation credentials. Some weeks I get the opportunity to listen to as many as six coaches using their skills to expand their client’s awareness, create workable actions plans, develop new skills, connect with their deepest values, gain clarity on their visions, and to become more of the kind of person they want to be.  


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