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Solution-Focused Coaching

Leverage the Power of Effective Goal Setting

Ask yourself: Are you hesitating to map out your future?

If you just let your future unfold, would you consider the possibility that you’ve mapped it out anyway?

If you choose to map your future with the help of a coach, you engage a co-traveler for your journey. When you practice powerful goal setting with a coach, you amplify your ability for efficiently reach your desired goals, and create successful outcomes.

Coach Yourself With A Spring Mind Stretch

You know those little fears that stop people from achieving their dreams and goals? At Erickson, we refer to them as gremlins. As we feel nature's renewal in spring, it is useful to do a "gremlin stretch" to shake off winter’s reflexive comfort zones and prepare your vision for the amazing possibilities that are right around the corner. What old habit systems do you want to stretch beyond to make this year a great one?  


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