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Solution-Focused Coaching

Igniting Passion from Within

As a result of recent research, the need for thinking differently about how to motivate people, especially in their work, has become prevalent. The longstanding hypothesis of motivation was that the more incentive you offer someone, the harder they will work. Incentive, in this case, refers to both rewards for positive results and punishment for negative. This is known as the ‘carrot and stick’ system.

When to Mentor, When to Coach?

Inside each of us are strong prejudices; young versus old, black versus white, fat versus thin, tall versus short, my team versus yours. These prejudices are largely unconscious. We say we don’t have them and yet study after study shows that they prevail in making key choices (such as who to hire, who to date, who to buy from, and who to give preference to in a promotion).

Are you ready to be an Award-winning Solution-Focused Coach?

For those who are members of the ICF Vancouver Chapter and are ICF credentialed, you might wish to consider submitting your application for being a nominee for this year's Prism Award or for the new Impact Award. The Impact Award is a recently added award for business and life coaches who are making a significant impact with a personal or business client.  


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