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Solution-Focused Coaching

Overcoming Personal Prejudice with Coaching Tools

Inside each of us, we find examples of strong prejudices: young versus old, black versus white, fat versus thin, tall versus short, my team versus yours. These prejudices are largely unconscious. We say we don’t have them and yet study after study shows that they prevail in making key choices (such as who to hire, who to hate, who to buy from, and who to give preference to in a promotion). These prejudices are deep, they are unconscious, and they are habitual.

Green New Deal - Town Hall Meeting with Marilyn Atkinson

On Saturday, May 18, Erickson Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, hosted a town hall meeting in her home city of North Vancouver in BC, Canada to discuss the many environmental and societal issues that millions around the world are facing. The aim of this town hall was to create ambitious plans and generate ideas on how to tackle these issues at the individual, community and government levels.

The Erickson Approach to Inspiring Change

Dr. Milton Erickson, the namesake of Erickson Coaching International, was an American psychiatrist working through the second half of the 20th Century. His healing abilities were world famous and he was widely regarded as a wonder-worker. As a young psychologist, I studied his approach to healing with great delight and personally discovered the power of his work as a doorway to professional love.

The Strategy for Staying Productive During the Holidays

For many small and home-based businesses, like coaching, there is a point around the end of the year (usually starting with American Thanksgiving and ending well into January) when normal business stops operating. You might find yourself coasting through well into the new year with not a whole lot of new business. This is where I buck the trend and do the opposite and take advantage of this slow period. I call it "The Holiday Hustle" – a strategy I’ve created and put to use each year as the holiday season approaches.


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