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Brain Games

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 20/02/2015

When it comes to learning, Erickson Coaching International has a foundation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methodologies, which focus on the study of human communication and how humans create their reality (for more information on NLP, visit our website).  

With more studies showing that brain engagement is the key to learning better, and with Erickson’s new Online Academy being learner centered, adult education is taking huge strides in helping adults to learn more effectively and efficiently.  

This great article from outlines six important things to know about how your brain learns:  

We take in information better when it’s visual

Videos, infographics and images are great examples of visual learning aids.  

We remember the big picture better than the details

Ensuring that finer details are related back to a top level idea or concept helps the brain retain information better.  

Sleep largely affects learning and memory

A night of sleeping between learning something new and being tested on it can significantly improve performance.  

We learn best by teaching others

The concept of train-the-trainer means that when we expect to teach others what we are learning, we take in new information better, mainly by organizing it better in our minds.  

We learn new information better when it’s interleaved

Interleaving mixes up the information or skills you practice and builds on a human’s natural ability to recognize patterns and outliers while mixing what we already know with new information.  

Which elements do you find most helpful when you are learning something new?

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