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Why Becoming Your Brand Is The Best Business Decision You'll Ever Make

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 27/02/2015

I’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs, and one thing that people often struggle with is visualizing what their brand will represent. If this happens to you, try thinking about yourself becoming your brand…it will be the best business decision you’ll ever make! Have you ever heard that saying, “Wherever you go…there you are?” Well, I have to tell you a little secret; it’s truer for an entrepreneur than just about anyone else!  

Your business is a powerful reflection of who you are. Your brand mirrors your style and the way you operate in the world; your talents and abilities; as well as your patterns, habits and quirks.  

One of my favorite quotes is, “The journey of a self-employed professional is the journey of self-discovery.” When we truly commit to step outside our comfort zone and realize our entrepreneurial dreams, we are forced to peel back the layers and embrace the path of self-development.  

When you observe yourself closely, and explore the motives behind your actions, you gain the power to optimize the way you operate. In other words, when you understand WHO you are and the patterns that run you, then you can see how to create better results in your life and business.  

Have you ever felt like there were “invisible forces” within you, sabotaging your efforts at every turn? Why is it that no matter how hard you try, you are not following through enough to make lasting changes in your life or business? Why is it such a struggle?  

Most people don’t really understand what motivates them. The truth is that it’s much more than a game of positive and negative reinforcement.   We all have a specific set of personal needs, things that we require on a regular basis in order to do our best work and feel good about ourselves. When these needs are not met, they can control and dictate our day-to-day actions. Common personal needs include:  

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Recognition
  • To be heard
  • To control
  • To be needed
  • To achieve
  • To be liked and to make a difference.

Don’t judge them as good or bad, they are just part of the human condition!

For many of us, these needs are so much a part of who we are, so deeply rooted in the core of our being, that we have a hard time even recognizing them and the influence they have over us. That’s a problem, especially for entrepreneurs, because if you’re oblivious to your personal needs, you’re doomed to repeat old behaviors and habits, and will struggle to create the success you want.  

Fortunately, when you take the time to identify your patterns and find ways to deliberately meet your personal needs, you shift into the driver’s seat. That’s how you gain the power to steer yourself, your behavior and your results in any direction you choose. Discovering and getting your personal needs met may be one of the most profitable decisions you make for yourself and your brand.  

Erickson Business Center Challenge:

Set aside an hour or two to examine your tendencies. Are you disorganized? A perfectionist? A procrastinator? Hungry for approval? How are these patterns impacting your business? And what are you willing to do about them? Get specific, make a commitment and share it with someone who will hold you accountable. It’s tough work, but it’s so worth it, because the better you become, the better your business, and your life, will be.  

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