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Come to the Edge: 7 Scary Ways to Become a Better Coach

written by Sandi Amorim on 10/02/2015

First you were inspired and trained to become a coach. Then you began doing what it takes to create a sustainable, successful business. Now what? Well my friends, the learning never ends.

A 30 Day Possibility in Community

written by Sandi Amorim on 10/25/2012

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit, but you know I've always had my doubts about that. Seems I'm not alone as researchers are showing that it takes an average 66 days - not 21.  

How to Use Your Values for Growth

written by Sandi Amorim on 10/18/2012

Values aren't just about feeling good in a coaching session. However, as in a coaching session you can go deeper with your values, allowing them to have a greater impact on your life and business. Think of them like an internal GPS keeping you on track as you grow into yourself as a coach and entrepreneur.

21 Quotes to Empower Your Coaching Questions

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/27/2012

The aspect of professional business and life coaching that I love most is asking questions, and I share (a wee bit tongue in cheek) in my bio that I've been asking questions since 1965, roughly the year I started talking. I've been curious ever since, so you can well imagine my delight at discovering a profession that is all about asking questions!  

Lessons from a Day in the Life of a Coach

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/20/2012

In this post, I wanted to share some lessons from a day in my life of a Coach. In 10+ years as a solopreneur I've tried almost every time management system and app there is, along with numerous experiments on my time and energy.

How to Get Back to Positivity

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/13/2012

It's easy to slip into a spiral of negative thinking when you're building something new in your life, like a business. This might look like a lot of self-doubt and sabotage, or comparing your insides to someone else's outsides.  

The Journey of Success In Your Coaching Business

written by Sandi Amorim on 09/06/2012

In the beginning, there's your enthusiasm for coaching and your desire to make a difference by developing your coaching business. You've probably read the books and heard the rallying cry of "Do what you love and the money will follow!" But here's the thing no one talks about. . . Passion will only get you so far.