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Enhance Your Listening Skills: The Art of Lazy Listening

written by Raymond Honings on 12/01/2017

We’ve all heard terms like deep listening, reading between the lines or listen for what is not being said. This is all true and very useful, but sometimes is presented as something that is very complicated and challenging to learn. Where is the fun in that?

A Better Way To Find And Retain Top Performers

written by Raymond Honings on 11/24/2015

Retaining Staff

A lot of research was conducted to figure out why some people are top performers. Surprisingly, having talent was not one of the differentiators and yet many companies keep looking for talent.

Team Performance: Are You Getting The Basics Right?

written by Raymond Honings on 03/21/2013

Most books written about high performance teams or team performance usually talk about team dynamics, assessments, profiles and more complex things.