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Leverage the Power of Effective Goal Setting

written by Rachel Hochman on 10/26/2016

Ask yourself: Are you hesitating to map out your future?

If you just let your future unfold, would you consider the possibility that you’ve mapped it out anyway?

Recording Coaching Sessions for your EPC or ECPC

written by Rachel Hochman on 09/23/2016

Have you recorded your coaching sessions yet? Not sure how to get started recording or worried about the results? Feeling Stuck? Here are some answers and questions to help you get started. 

Cultivating Action and Accountability With ICF Core Competencies

written by Rachel Hochman on 07/28/2016

“Motivating people does not work. . . What does work? The essence of the answer lies at the heart of the science of motivation and the revelation of three psychological needs— autonomy, relatedness, and competence.”  — Susan Fowler