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Goals - Get Them in Writing!

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 08/14/2017

Foster personal success by writing down your goals. It’s safe to say that many of us are familiar with the line, “If you build it, he will come”, from the 1989 film Field of Dreams. Although we're not talking about baseball diamonds and shoeless Joe Jackson, the same principle can be applied to setting goals.

How to Get Un-Stuck

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 08/14/2012

Getting Unstuck

Deeply confused about career or life direction? Can't find that great job? Here is how to get un-stuck!

Getting The Team Motivation Right

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 07/31/2012

What is the secret of team motivation? Most managers will agree they don’t really need people to make profound changes, but to be a little more responsive and care a little bit more about their results.

To call or email? Which is best for sales?

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 04/04/2012

CEOS and company owners often complain to me that they just cannot get their sales reps to pick up the phone and call their customer rather than relying so heavily on email. Members of the sales team tell me their bosses are out of touch and that prospects prefer email and rarely check their voicemail. So who is right?  

Celebrate Your Expertise

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 02/24/2012

Discover why you need to celebrate your expertise. Being self-critical may help us move toward improvement, but only for about two seconds—the two seconds it takes for us to realize that we are not where we want to be. After that, it is pointless to dwell on how we got there or how slow our progress has been. It’s better to focus on something more helpful-something more concrete.

Are you Ready to Rocket to Success?

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 02/15/2012

Surpass your limitations and break through to an entirely new realm. Is there an area where you are not okay with merely taking it to the next level? An area where you want to blow the doors off past successes and crush your numbers, develop completely new markets, end a nasty habit or succeed in spite of impossible odds?

Four Real Reasons to Hire a Coach

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 02/01/2012

Learn why organizations hire coaches for their teams, and 4 real reasons how having a coach benefits these top companies.

What's My Blind Spot?

written by Brenda Abdilla, CPC on 01/16/2012

A personal blind spot is a habit or way of behaving that everyone knows about you-except perhaps YOU. Identifying your blind spot will help you recognize when your behavior is being dictated by it and can help you overcome it.

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