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Your Passion + Profits= AMAZING!

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/14/2015

"I never thought when enrolling in Erickson Business Center's program that I would see such results so quickly! I now have 15 paying clients (in 5 short months) and much more confidence, self-awareness and self-worth. Thank you Teresia for being such a generous mentor. You continuously inspired us to stretch ourselves." - Sandra Chéry, Career Coach

Getting Financial Commitment from Coaching Clients

written by Teresia LaRoque on 09/03/2015

You booked and delivered a great complimentary coaching session with an ideal client. The client is coachable and committed to big results, and you can really feel the synergy between you. Now it’s time to ask for the financial commitment.  

Are You Part of The International Coach Federation Community?

written by Teresia LaRoque on 08/20/2015

I was inspired to blog this information after reading the most recent ICF newsletter. It was packed with  practical advice and tips on marketing and business building and so much more. 

Are You Reluctant to Ask for Referrals?

written by Teresia LaRoque on 08/13/2015

Do you feel a little shy or sheepish about asking for coaching referrals? If you do, I strongly encourage you to grab your hesitation by the horns and handle it – right now – because that little twinge of reluctance can have a hugely detrimental impact on your success.

Nurturing Is A Critical Quality For A Successful Coaching Business

written by Teresia LaRoque on 07/30/2015

You have done a great job marketing your services, you have captured their contact information (they are part of your database) and now you must consistently nurture your prospects. I've learned that nurturing is a critical quality for a successful coaching business. What do I mean by nurturing?

Critical Mindset for Success: Coach versus Entrepreneur

written by Teresia LaRoque on 07/16/2015

One thing we know for sure is that it takes a different mindset to become a successful entrepreneur then to be a transformational coach.  

The Power of Strategic Alliances [VIDEO]

written by Teresia LaRoque on 07/02/2015

Strategic alliances are a very powerful way to get exposure for your business. By aligning yourself with a person or group that also serves your target market (but is not in direct competition with you), you can dramatically increase your visibility and promote your business to a larger, more targeted audience than you could ever reach on your own.

Survival Skills for Entrepreneurial Parents

written by Teresia LaRoque on 06/18/2015

The original title of this post was Survival Skills for Mompreneurs - whether you are a mompreneur or a dadpreneur, all of the skills included can be applied.


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