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Nataliya's Blog Postings

Celebrate Your Heart This Valentine's Day

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 02/12/2016

To the Moon and Back

What if this Valentine's Day you took time to celebrate your heart?  

Setting and Living Your Own Powerful Goals

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 12/07/2015

What is one thing that makes you excited about your near future? Is achieving and living your own powerful goals one of them?

3 Ways Coaching Changed My Life Perspective

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 03/11/2015

Six months ago, I thought that I had a good idea as to what life coaching is all about. On occasion, I had informal contact with a few successful local coaches via my networking circle, and have shared some great conversations with them about life and professional goals in general. Sometimes I felt inspired by what we discussed.