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Nataliya's Blog Postings

Great Teams: Empowering Individuals First

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 03/01/2021

What makes for a great team? Why do some teams work so well together? What can be learned from those teams where the word work equals positive collaboration and meaningful engagement?

How Coaches Work With Mental Blocks

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 12/28/2018

The beginning of a new year has the appeal of an exciting and promising time. Many people experience the flow of new ideas, fresh motivation, and ambitious personal goals during this time. And yet, towards the end of January, most of us realize that having strong determination and clear goals are not all it takes to make them happen.

Setting and Living Your Own Powerful Goals

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 12/07/2015

Achieve and live your own powerful goals every year! Harness the power of self-coaching. 

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