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Marilyn Atkinson's Blog Postings

Why Use Open-Ended Questions in Organizations?

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 04/24/2018

In business, asking a great question is like turning on a tap. The ideas flow, we become curious and we start to think on a new level. The question takes us on a search and the search leads us into new territory. We immediately notice when someone asks us a great question

Listening Skills of a Master Coach

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/29/2018

Have you ever hiked along a trail, then stopped in a clearing for a moment and just listened? Listening as a masterful coach is truly like this. We are listening both for our clients' values and intentions, hearing them together as a complex melody with multiple levels of meaning. 

The Secret of Long-Term Planning

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/14/2018

One skill set that is built and sharpened through coaching is the skill of effective long-term planning. Milton Erickson was constantly reminding his clients that "change is inevitable" and to prepare accordingly.

How Emotional Intelligence Makes You a Stronger Leader

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 02/13/2018

As business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders, it is our job to bring people together to work towards one goal. So what differentiates a good leader from a great leader? 

Applying The Enneagram As A Coaching Tool

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 01/12/2018

As coaches, we listen powerfully to the way our clients speak about themselves and their lives; their unique way of reacting to life. Just as in Module IV, where students learn to identify their client's metaprograms, the Enneagram is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to become an even more dynamic coach by learning how your clients organize their internal dialogue. In what ways is it keeping them trapped in habits that hinder them from allowing real joy and happiness?

A Holiday Message from Marilyn Atkinson

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 12/15/2017

We are about to embrace another Christmas Season and welcome 2018 with open arms and a loving heart. Personally, I love the deep appreciation that unfolds as people look towards their desired vision, know their value, and reflect on the joy they have created for their lives, and so many others.

Our Student Shares Reflections On Erickson Coaching Tools

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 11/14/2017

As I travel the world facilitating Erickson programs, I have the great pleasure to observe how quickly people take up their own quest towards personal wisdom.

Ask Yourself – What Kind of Self-Image Do I Have Now?

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 08/25/2017

Are you aware of your own self-image? Do you know if your self-image if effective or critical? When asked this question, many people notice that their self-image is largely linked to self-feeling.


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