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How to (Actually) Accomplish Your Goals and Live Your Dream Life

written by Kalyna Miletic on 06/15/2017

Life Your Dream Life

I have this big dream, a vision of owning a beach house, and having a family. I know I want to be a successful business owner, and I want to help people all over the world. Maybe you have big dreams. They may be deep down because people around you have also dimmed theirs, but you have them.

Start Making Personally Fulfilling Decisions That Leave You Feeling Great!

written by Kalyna Miletic on 05/02/2017

Start Feeling Great

Your mom says you definitely have to go to grad school. Your best friend told you that it’s way too early to settle down. Your grandma keeps asking why you’re not married yet. Your girlfriend wants to move in together. Your dog wants to go camping. Your academic advisor says you should hands down be a lawyer because you’re amazing at arguing over your final grades. Your manager believes it would be best for the team if you worked this weekend.

Your Guide to Moving Beyond “I Can’t”

written by Kalyna Miletic on 04/14/2017

Moving Beyond I Can't

It’s so easy to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to making decisions. We create these stories in our heads about why we’re not good enough, why we can’t, won’t, shouldn’t or just aren’t meant to be doing certain things because of who we believe we are (or are not).

    Feeling Stuck? Answer These 3 Questions to Get Back on Track

    written by Kalyna Miletic on 03/29/2017

    Get Back On Track With Coaching -  author Kalyna Miletic

    As we go through our days we are checking things off of our to-do lists, meeting deadlines and trying to support those around us.