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Revisiting Your Relationship with Change

written by Cory Martin on 04/26/2021

Change is happening right now…and now…and, well, now… and forever. Our bodies, the seasons, relationships, the landscapes of the world and our minds, our own beliefs, expressions, styles, and languages. As Solution-Focused coaches, we already know that change is inevitable. We show up to our coaching conversations with this principle fully absorbed and infused into our existence; asking questions that leave our clients expanded in new ways. What a fun and powerful place to coach from!

Good Grief? Self-Empowerment in the Loss of a Teammate

written by Cory Martin on 02/16/2021

Your team is your team. They are your creative and strategic work partners. A collective group of close friends and passing acquaintances. There have been both voice-raising disagreements and glass-clinking celebrations. No matter the unique dynamics of your crew, when a team member is no longer there, the sudden gap is felt. There is one less energy, and like the tide coming in, a wave of grief makes itself known.

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