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Chris Frolic's Blog Postings

The Foundations of a Strong Coaching Business

written by Chris Frolic on 03/09/2019

Building a business takes time and a coaching business is no different. Every business I’ve ever created has taken years to mature and get stable. Everyone will go through this when building their business. These days I try to support new entrepreneurs with that knowledge and ask myself how I can best help them along that journey.

The Strategy for Staying Productive During the Holidays

written by Chris Frolic on 11/24/2018

For many small and home-based businesses, like coaching, there is a point around the end of the year (usually starting with American Thanksgiving and ending well into January) when normal business stops operating. You might find yourself coasting through well into the new year with not a whole lot of new business. This is where I buck the trend and do the opposite and take advantage of this slow period. I call it "The Holiday Hustle" – a strategy I’ve created and put to use each year as the holiday season approaches.

Build Your Coaching Business Using the Blue Ocean Strategy

written by Chris Frolic on 10/31/2018

The “Blue Ocean Strategy” is an ingenious metaphor from the same-titled book by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. In a nutshell, companies find bigger profits whenever they can find untouched 'blue oceans' (new areas of business where competition is irrelevant), instead of the highly competitive and blood-filled 'red oceans'.

A Simple Productivity Tool to Keep You Focused

written by Chris Frolic on 09/27/2018

Most coaches work alone as “Solopreneurs”. Outside of a regimented workspace, and perhaps starting a whole new life as an entrepreneur, it is easy to let things slip - especially in this modern world of never-ending information blasts and notifications.