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Brad Hardie's Blog Postings

Creating Resilience to Overcome Trauma

written by Brad Hardie on 02/10/2021

When its life comes to an end, the phoenix collapses in a fiery pyre, depleted and drained, burning to ash before rising up once more to be reborn. The analogy reminds me of trauma survivors that have endured such extraordinary situations and circumstances, and when the last embers seem to be fading from red to black, a great resilience reignites them and their wings spread. This ability to help transform our clients is the essence of being a coach, and one that works through a trauma lens. 

Coaching Clients with PTSD

written by Brad Hardie on 09/01/2018

Learn how Trauma Informed Coaches can help alleviate symptoms in trauma survivors by helping to create new positive experiences and diffusing event flashbacks.

Why Do I Coach?

written by Brad Hardie on 12/14/2016

As a coach, when I tell people what I do for a living, it can create some interesting looks. Some say “I also coach… soccer, mostly”. Some stare blankly, and often I will be asked something along the lines of  “What is that…?” 

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