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Are You Still Exploring Your Ideal Niche? Consider This...

written byTeresia LaRoqueon 07/05/2015

There are two main types of niche: 

  • Your Effortless Niche includes the clients that are the easiest for you to attract and make money from right now. It reflects your background or expertise (i.e. knowledge and contacts from a former career path), and you are already in position to step in as an expert without having to build that expertise. What do you already bring to the table? Where do you have a lot to contribute? Who is the niche that you understand presently? For example, Kevin is a former golf manager who has a passion to coach individuals on self-leadership. Today he is the in-house coach for the Golf Club Manager Association of North America. He already had the relationships and reputation established, so his path was already paved for him.
  • Your Love Niche focuses on those who you really love to work with. This is the group you get really passionate about supporting; it touches your heart to help them achieve their dreams. Usually, this group aligns with something you are committed to creating in your own life. For example, a newly engaged woman might be working with clients who struggle with emotional commitment. Because of this personal connection, we totally “get” these people; we understand their challenges, their fears and concerns. Often, we are just one step ahead of the people we are coaching, telling them, “I did it, you can too.”

Either type of niche can blossom into a hugely successful coaching business – and if your love niche and your effortless niche are one in the same, even better! For example for Kevin’s effortless niche was golf club managers and his passion was on leadership, he brilliantly combined the two and coaches golf club managers on extraordinary leadership. Keep digging, keep exploring! Who is your effortless/love niche? To help you identify your niche, check out our other videos and blogs on clarifying your niche:  

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