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Are you Ready to Rocket to Success?

written byBrenda Abdilla, CPCon 15/02/2012

Are you ready to surpass your self-limitations and emotional past to break through to an entirely new realm? Is there an area where you are not okay with merely taking it to the next level? An area where you want to blow the doors off past successes and crush your numbers, develop completely new markets, kick a bad habit, or succeed in spite of impossible odds?

If you want to rocket, you gotta be light!

We all have a list of stories that we tell ourselves and others, and some of those stories are blocking our success without our knowledge or permission. They are weighing us down. Companies across America tell stories about being the underdog, being the number two in the market, the limits of their industry, etc. Teams tell stories about being undermined by other departments and the tough, tough, competition. And we as individuals tell our own stories of injustice and woe. Much of the time we don’t even realize that there is a list of stories we tell because we think of them as fact. Rarely do we realize how much power they have over us.

What is your story?

The first step in the process is to simply become aware of the stories in your life and your work. When a new person starts work at your company, does someone tell them the story of the merger that took place five years ago and how much better things were then? Just take note.

Next, consider letting go of some stories and changing others. About 15 years ago, one of my business deals ended badly with a colleague who breached his integrity and cost me a lot of money and time. I would run into him from time to time and always tried to avoid talking to him. I grew to despise him. Goodness knows I had told the story enough times. With this concept of changing my stories in mind, I made a decision to just let it go. I ran into him last month and was able to make eye contact with him and ask about his family during a short but pleasant conversation. It was only then that I realized how much energy that old, old story was costing me. I felt remarkably different whenever I thought about the story after that, yet nothing had changed except for me deciding to let it go.

Other stories may require more than simply making a decision to let go. Many people have been fired or reorganized in the past couple of years, and their story comes with them into interviews and new opportunities like a black cloud. That might be the perfect situation to take to a counselor or therapist. Sometimes a ritual or process can be helpful like shredding letters or getting rid of that ugly divorce file you have been keeping for 25 years.

Once you start letting go of old stories, you can, of course, create new ones. Ones of unencumbered success. Tell the story of how you let go of the old stories and rocketed your way beyond your former limits.

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