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An Everyday Routine of Being Happy

written byMichael McPhersonon 11/04/2015

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. [Frank Tyger]

Happiness brings cheer, and cheer will make you a more beautiful person inside and out. Even though happiness is not something you can force upon yourself there are several ways in which you can make yourself feel better, more content with your own life and ultimately feeling happier. So check out what your everyday routine of being happy could look like:  

It’s a beautiful world – take a look around. Get infused with the joy and beauty that is around you, because most often happiness springs from the simple things in life. As you take a stroll through the park, or on your way to work, admire a baby smiling, stop for a second and see the beauty of the trees and flowers on the streets. Visit Memory Lane as you pass by a bakery or a coffee shop and you inhale the amazing scent of freshly brewed coffee or baking bread. Emotion and happiness is all around you…all you need to do is let yourself be embraced by those feelings.  

Pay it forward - What you give is what you will get. Find joy and become more contented with your life by becoming a helper and a giver. Don’t pass by that old woman selling flowers from her garden without buying a flower; don’t ignore an ad where they ask for your help for a charity; don’t pass by a homeless person without offering a few pennies or buying them some food. Become more involved with everything that surrounds you, and you will become a better person inside. By becoming better inside, you will implicitly become a happier person.  

Escape routine - In this hectic life where routine seems to have taken over, you need to get those ME moments. Designate at least one hour a day to doing what you like the most, whether it’s cooking a delicious meal, jogging, reading a few pages of your favorite novel or planting those beautiful roses you have been dreaming of in your garden. Happiness comes with change, and change can only happen if you break that routine, no matter what.  

Gratitude every day - It is not difficult to notice that 99% of us just keep on complaining. Maybe it is time to express gratitude and be thankful for the things you have, and not for those you do not have. Be grateful for your health, be grateful for your beautiful family, and be grateful because you have managed to overcome hardships in life. In today’s world, people should be more thankful for the food on their tables, for their children than can get an education, and for the fact they have a roof over their heads. Be grateful and you will become a genuinely happy person.  

Learning to forgive – Holding any sort of grudge can bring negativity into your life which can be harmful. If you learn to forgive, resentments and bitterness will not be a part of your life, and this can lift a huge weight off your shoulders. You will become a much wiser person the moment you learn to forgive from the heart. Try to eliminate as much negativity as possible from your life so that it can, in turn, become brighter and happier.  

Promote serenity every day - Only a serene person can be a happy person. Introduce techniques that will help you do away with chronic stress and anxiety. You can try out rhythmic breathing techniques or try some yoga practices. Clear your mind of negative thoughts, and learn to become a more serene person. Before going to bed, recall two or three events from the course of the day that made you feel good. Go to sleep with these good thoughts and wake up to a beautiful and serene next day.   As a conclusion, you can make happiness happen in your life. You can turn your body and soul in the direction of good things. Remember that you have one life, and we can all serve to make the most of it. You have the power to change. You have the power to become happy. What are your “happiness” plans for tomorrow?  

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