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The Three Levels of Listening

written by Erickson Coaching International on 04/09/2021

To have an understanding and to practice the Three Levels of Listening supports leaders, colleagues and team members to listen at a deeper level to ensure the speaker is truly heard. Listening at a Level Two or Level Three is having a Coach Position while listening. It is hearing beyond the words to capture the tone, mood, pace, energy and emotion. 

Contributing to Coaching Culture in Your Workplace

written by Guy Woods, ECPC, PCC on 04/05/2021

As we move deeper into 2021, the dust has begun to settle on what was once a new reality.

The Art of Building Team Trust

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/27/2021

In Erickson’s High Performance Team Coaching course, we emphasize the value of building team trust. What follows is called the RIDART framework, an effective team trust framework we use within team coaching.

The Art of Team Coaching Dialogue

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/21/2021

Building real dialogue is a true art. It requires persistent, insightful listening and ‘fire lighting’ support from the team coach.

Building Great Virtual Teams

written by Nikol Kuiken, MNLP, PCC on 03/14/2021

The world of work is changing in new and unprecedented ways. We are now working remotely, spending more time than ever in our homes, and trying our best to find a healthy new work/life balance. With all of this change, what are the skills team leaders can use to build great teams who will work together with shared vision during these challenging times? 

Tailoring Corporate Purpose Through Developing a Coaching Culture

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/10/2021

When we coaches think ‘coaching culture,’ we look with pride at companies with aligned teams, visionary leaders inspiring their reports, and corporate effectiveness as reported by members at multiple levels. We usually share the ‘hows’ of coaching culture.

Coaching Team Thinking and Team Innovation

written by Marilyn Atkinson on 03/08/2021

In many companies, innovation is an elusive quality that is either present or not – rather than available as a process that can be trained and managed. Effective Solution-Focused team coaching and facilitation changes all that.

Great Teams: Empowering Individuals First

written by Nataliya Kesgin on 03/01/2021

What makes for a great team? Why do some teams work so well together? What can be learned from those teams where the word work equals positive collaboration and meaningful engagement?


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