20 awesome coaching blogs

20 Awesome Life Coaching Blogs

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It is no secret that coaches are busy folks!


With a bursting schedule it can be a chore to keep up to date with coaching news and community opinions. However, we should not let this slip. Reading coaching blogs helps us to stay relevant. Sharing and commenting on coaching blogs reinforces our social authority and helps build a strong coaching community.


To give you a hand, check out this list of 20 coaching blogs that seriously rock:


1. TinyBuddha – Tiny Buddha is simple wisdom for complex lives. Founded by Lori Deschene, inspired by Buddhism, her blog provides wisdom, happiness, motivation, and ways to have a better, more mindful existence.


2. Psychology Today – The Psychology Today Blog is an online feature of Psychology Today Magazine. Editor in Chief Kaja Perina manages features that delve into most baffling part of humanity…our minds and how to deal with them.


3. Happiness Project – The Happiness Project was founded by Gretchen Rubin in her quest to teach the world how to find happiness. The Happiness Project shows us her daily adventures in finding the brighter side of life.


4. In Pursuit of Happiness – In Pursuit of Happiness is run by Britt Reints. Part self-help and part travel blog, Reints uses her experiences in travel to show the way to happiness by exploring the world and ourselves.


5. Meant to be Happy – Ken Wert’s blog Meant to be Happy illustrates his daily means to strive for happiness in his life and how he wishes to share those ways with the rest of the world.


6. The Change Blog – The Change Blog, personal project of Peter Clemens, showcases his methods on getting one’s life in order. If your life feels broken and unfulfilled, The Change Blog can show you the path to change.


7. The School of Life – The School of Life. Catchy, huh? Class is in session with Srinivas Rao as he teaches you to ride the waves toward a fulfilled life and making a dent in the universe.


8. Positivity Blog – Henrik Edberg from Sweden, gives us The Positivity Blog, a blog that teaches those who need a boost of self-esteem to become a little more motivated and be happier.


9. The Spread Happy – The love child of Andi, The Spread Happy blog is a journey into the art of healing of both body and soul. Learn to live in a content and peaceful state.


10. Finding Happiness – Todd Patkin, author of Finding Happiness, brings us his blog, Guide to the Good Life. Happiness seems so elusive nowadays but his blog can show us the way to finding true happiness.


11. Shake off the Grind – Shake off the Grid and Begin to thrive was made by Joe Wilner with the mission of empowering people to take leaps of faith, build confidence, and discover their full potential.


12. Positive Provocations – The little piece of heaven of Zeenat Merchant-Syal, Positive Provocations is a blog that urges its readers to be the best they can be to grow in a healthy and spiritual way.


13. Personal Excellence – Personal Excellence was founded by Celestine Chua. For those who desire to reach their full potential in their lives and wish to live for the very best, this is the blog for you.


14. Marc and Angel Hack Life – Marc and Angel Hack Life, edgy title is it not? Run by Marc and Angel, their blog’s goal is to provide insights into the journey of life and help you to reach your goals.


15. Mazzastick – The author and creator of the Mazzastick blog is Justin Mazza. His job is to show us the connection each of has to the rest of humanity. Behold…the Awakening is upon us.


16. Live Bold and Bloom – Barrie Davenport writes about inspiring personal growth and getting outside of your comfort zone at Live Bold and Bloom. The work here encourages her readers to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by doing things, which at first may seem too bold. She hopes to challenge you to shift your thinking so you can fear less and live more.


17. The Bold Life – The Bold Life is a blog founded by Tess Marshall with the goal of inspiring and developing both on a personal and spiritual level. We must let go of fear and take Bold action.


18. Deva Coaching – Light the fire within, with Sandi Amorim and her intense blog Deva Coaching. Get ready to improve your life Now! Without fear! Free yourself from excuses and reasons and get ready to shine!


19. Advanced Life Skills – Advanced Life Skills is the creation of Jonathan Wells with the goal of making people in the world experience their own cultural growth. Achieving your goals is simpler than you thought.


20. 17000 Days – 17000 Days is a unique blog with a countdown. Life is a short and precious thing and Cara Stein wants to remind us to take advantage of each and every day.


What life coaching blogs do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below, or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date!


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  • http://www.mazzastick.com/ Justin

    Thanks for the mention my friend. I truly appreciate it. :)

  • http://www.devacoaching.com/ Sandi Amorim

    Delighted to be the Erickson graduate in the bunch :)

  • Christine

    I would check out logicalsoul.com or facebook.com/logicalsoul its another great life coach!

  • Debi

    That’s a really nice collection of coaching skills blogs that will help to be a good coach.

  • Guest

    Thank you SO much for including my humble blog in this awesome list of supers stars.
    Much Love,

  • Zeenat Merchant Syal

    Thank you SO so much for including my humble blog in this awesome list of supers stars.
    Much Love,

  • Amanda Smith

    I really enjoy reading Jean Slatter’s creativemystic.com blog and her Journal Pages that she sends via email. She is the author of Hiring the Heavens, which is kind of a spiritual twist on life coaching, but I just like her approach and “anything’s possible” sort of attitude. She has coined the term, “Higher Guidance Life Coach,” to get readers and clients in touch with their higher selves. I, personally, love what she has to say because there really isn’t anything out there that knows me better than my higher self, if you get what I mean :)

  • Mateo Opt

    Very useful list for info on coaching.

  • Tim Brownson

    I had no idea the awesome Sandi Amorim trained with the Erickson College. Not surprised though!

    Tim Brownson.

  • http://theproactiveassistant.com/ Trish Johnson

    What an excellent listing, thank you! I suggest that ‘career crafting’ is added to the list with Howard Sambol – VERY gifted man! FREE Career Crafting Session now offered as well! http://careercrafting.com, Enjoy!!

  • Veronica Wilson

    Hi… Thanks for sharing all these life coaching blogs with us. I really enjoyed to read all these blogs. Live Bold and Bloom is my favorite, I always read all the updates from that blog.


  • http://liveboldandbloom.com/ Barrie Davenport

    Thank you so much for including me on this list with so many amazing fellow bloggers!

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  • michael willam

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us .
    “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

  • miss_britt

    More than a year later, new people are still finding me from this post nearly every day. Thank you so much for including me!

  • danceclassestoronto

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” This is a great quote!

  • Eduardo Peixoto

    Great suggestions!

  • http://www.rebecca-garrod.com/ Rebecca Garrod

    Wonderful collections of life coaching blog.

  • http://www.onyourbike.com/ Cycle2work

    Awesome suggestions…..
    Thanks for sharing…
    :) :) :) :)

  • http://interstatequote.com.au/ Interstate Quotes

    I found “The School of Life” the most interesting blog from a student perspective as am also a student.

  • Michal Hynson

    Thank you for these! I look forward to diving in a enjoying some great content!

    • http://erickson.edu/ Erickson Coaching

      Happy to be of help, Michal! Feel free to share your new findings with us!

  • Jennifer Mackey

    Wonderful collections of life coaching blog.