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The Benefits and Science of Coaching: Interview with Marilyn Atkinson

written byErickson Coaching Internationalon 23/12/2019

Hosted by Dr. Ken Keis, Secrets of Success is a podcast with guests who are change-makers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts at the top of their industries who share their thought-provoking stories and transparent insights on how they became successful! The show has a focus on leadership, health, and wellness, success strategies, business and success stories. 

In this episode, Dr. Ken hosts an in-depth interview with Erickson's Founder and President, Marilyn Atkinson, about the benefits and science of coaching. When we think about success in life, few will be able to realize their potential without the assistance of a coach—not because we can’t, but because coaches draw out answers and insights you typically would not achieve on your own.

 Discover more about what makes Solution-Focused coaching different