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Becoming a Solution-Focused Parent

written byMarilyn Atkinsonon 13/08/2018

Children are amazing with their full-spectrum, emotional circuitry! However, sometimes we parents are baffled by how emotional, angry, sad, depressed, or combative our children can become even in one moment! Do you ever tell yourself, “I have no idea what to do here and now with my child’s emotions?” Do you ever finish your day and start to criticize your ability to be a good parent?

You and thousands of others do this; and it leaves us feeling weak, exactly where our children need us to be wise and strong. Becoming a parent-coach fills this gap! With the mind of a coach, you can truly assist your child to build their stepping stones as a family member, as a participant with school and friends, as a learner, and as a future leader in this world.

Parents want their children to have a good life! How can you prepare your child for life in a very challenging world in a challenging time? Erickson's program, Parent as Coach, can quickly assist you to strengthen your bond with your child, stepping into the critical self-development gaps they need your assistance with. You learn to step in as a wise coach, enabling their thinking skills development.

You will learn simple, yet powerful coaching principles that strengthen your capacity to be the wise, effective parent you wish to be – no matter what difficulties and ‘school-culture’ challenges your child is faced with. If you are a parent of a child from 6 months to 14 years old, you will find this program extremely valuable.

100% Commitment and Engagement

100% commitment is the deep quality of purpose you felt as a child at play. Do you remember? We feel purpose and live that purpose precisely to the degree we risk living from, and in relation to, what gives us this energy and vision! Commitment and energy provide a clear measure of inner purpose. This means that we, as parents, need to dare to challenge ourselves in important areas.

What will encourage the key people in your life, and especially your children to move into strong, risk-taking engagement with their world? What brings committed energy? Coaching skills are more comprehensive then what you might expect and involve an understanding of your child’s brain and emotional responses. You learn to respond comprehensively to the interplay of many factors.

Ask yourself, “What makes us and our children most engaged with life?” When you answer, you know more about your strengths and can also assist the commitment of people close to you. You see your child, your family, and your spouse in new ways. You become more capable to assist your children to follow their dreams and deepen their own strengths. You also understand yourself and your life purpose better. You assist your partners, see your children, your family, and yourself as strong and committed. You become able to truly coach these people.

Children need people in the family who they can model. They benefit from effective mentoring and coaching as they learn to learn, step-by-step. A coach can ask the important questions in a way that can be heard. We need to know how to invite, to challenge, and to request, so that we – and those we are closest to – live our lives to become more engaged for self and others. By intentionally accentuating qualities of committed participation, you bring opportunity for family development and closeness. You further true harmony with all your family members. A parent-coach can assist this commitment and energy on all levels!

What Moments Make Your Life Vibrant?

Ask yourself the question, “What aspects of your own parenting, your family life, your spouse’s participation, and your child’s responses allow you all to engage and feel passion and purpose for life?” These are important questions because when you answer them, you know more about your own parenting strengths. You understand yourself, and your life purpose better. Always begin with yourself.

When you become a parent-coach, coaching children becomes a huge opportunity for you and other adults to learn how to ‘grow up’ and live by your own deepest principles. We become a better coach in general by learning how to apply Solution-Focused coaching principles in many contexts and especially with our children. Children thrive with coaching support. A coaching approach provides focus, clarifies ways to identify goals, and engenders commitment and enthusiasm – qualities that make for both happiness and success.

Are you interested in applying simple, yet strong coaching skills to your parenting? The Erickson Parent as Coach program assists parents to take the most important skills and attitudes of being a coach and use them – as parents – to discover more about their child’s world at the very moments that the children themselves start to face their own individual world.

Parent as Coach is based on the latest neuroscience research on emotion, the brain, and how children learn, providing clear, useful data and simple exercises that you can immediately apply to real-life situations. The skills you will learn allow you to enrich your relationship with the children in your life, young and not-so-young, and give them powerful tools for happiness and success in their lives. Let’s make raising our children a pleasure; worthwhile and fun from the start!

Become a Solution-Focused parent! Learn more about Erickson's Parent as Coach program

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