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The Art & Science of Mindfulness

The Art & Science of Mindfulness

Attain Greater Clarity in Purpose, Direction, and Action

Offered as a 3-day course on-site or 7 weeks online

The Art & Science of Mindfulness is Erickson’s newest innovative course, designed to address the stressful demands of modern life by integrating mindfulness into everyday interactions. Learn Erickson’s unique way to the mindfulness approach.

“The Art & Science of Mindfulness was a great balance between information and practical use of Mindfulness in my life. It created awareness for me and a foundation to continue to grow my self- awareness. I now use mindfulness many times during my day! Thank you for this experience and these valuable skills!” – Libby P. 

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Who is this program for?

This course is ideal for people that wish to create a mindfulness practice or for coaches that like to develop expertise in this field and apply mindfulness techniques with their clients.  

Continuing Coaching Education Accreditation

This course is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a course supplying a total of 20 hours of Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) units (13.75 Core Competencies, 6.25 Resource Development).

Upcoming Dates

All on-site times are local.
All online times are in Pacific Time.

The Art & Science of Mindfulness
9:00am - 12:15pm
April 5, 2022 to May 17, 2022
USD $1,000.00

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, in the moment right now, without judgment and being aware of habitual filters. It focuses on the present moment and supports the innate goodness in each of us.

Benefits of The Art & Science of Mindfulness for Coaches:

  • Become more mindful as a coach of your personal biases and judgments
  • Deepen your ability to ‘hold the space’ for the coachee without interfering and having inner mind chatter
  • Regulate your own inner state to be centered before and during a coaching session
  • Practice connecting with a sense of abundance and releasing stress
  • Train your mind to hone focus to be able to listen more mindfully and be present
  • Overcome personal triggers during and after coaching sessions
  • Learn how to be mindful of your habitual distractions and stay in the present moment with the coachee
  • Introduce effective mindfulness practices to your coaching clients
  • Gain clarity on how the quality of attention and your resource state affects the result of coaching sessions
  • Acknowledge how gratitude can strengthen the rapport and optimize the coaching process

Benefits of The Art & Science of Mindfulness for personal development:

  • Learn and engage in practicing mindfulness meditation
  • Improve focus, concentration, and attention to detail in everyday tasks
  • Shift to and distinguish between reactive to reflective actions
  • Align your personal vision and values with a mindful approach
  • Demonstrate listening more actively and with less judgment to self and others
  • Enhance your communication skills and recognize state changes
  • Transform limitations into greater playfulness and ease
  • Increase self-awareness and creative flow in simple tasks 

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum is divided into four levels:

Level 1: Mindful Body Practices

This module explores mindfulness as a practice and how to apply mindful body practices to daily life. It focuses on our sensory experience, physical sensations and being present in the body. As part of the exploration, it includes a mindful walking practice and fosters enrichment through a body scan exercise.

Level 2: Mindfulness, Relationships and Emotions

This module is centered around mindful relational practices, in particular, expanding emotional balance, mindful listening, and presence in relationships. It focuses on our feelings and emotions and how to work with emotional triggers. It explores how internal dialogue influences our capacity to be present and centered in this moment.

Level 3: Mindful Creativity and Intentionality

This module explores facets of creativity and mindfulness. Its core focus is on how creative processes can benefit from being mindful, finding ways to brainstorm and setting an intention in a mindful way. The capacity for increased knowledge, expanded joy and gratitude becomes available.

Level 4: Beyond the Self

This module integrates mindfulness from an emotional, sensory and mental perspective, and furthering the evolutionary purpose of your life through choosing an ongoing mindfulness practice. It helps to see the long-term consequences of a mindful life and clarifies how it serves others in their inner search.

Research shows that highly successful people and top-performing leaders use simple but highly effective mindfulness techniques to become more centered, gain better emotional control, and make positive decisions in alignment with their bigger life vision.

The Art & Science of Mindfulness course is designed to help you leave behind limiting stories and discover peace around your emotional history. This course also allows you to detach from the ongoing stressful attempts at control, and discover a greater sense of playfulness and serenity.

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