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Our People


Anna Lebedeva-Kristiansen


MCC_Web After a successful career as a corporate training and development manager, Anna Lebedeva-Kristiansen started her coaching practice in 1999 and has been an Executive Coach and Trainer with Erickson International since 2004.
She completed The Art & Science of Coaching in 2002 and now teaches it along with Team Coaching, Powerful Negotiations, and other certification programs. Anna has also been mentoring new coaches for the past ten years, assisting them in formulating strategic plans, developing their coaching, training, and public speaking skills, and building their clientele. She has more than 4,500 hours of coaching practice.
Anna offers a wide range of programs and services to her clients, such as business and managerial training, “Train the Trainer” courses, managerial coaching training, and coaching for teams and individuals. She works with senior executives in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Norway, Eastern Europe, and North America to reinforce leadership, create shared values and a common vision, recreate motivation, build high performance management teams, and manage change effectively.
Her multinational experience covers several industries including telecommunications, food and beverage manufacturing, transportation, energy, publishing, beauty, and consulting, as well as non-governmental and international organizations.
Anna actively participated in the development of Erickson International, one of the largest coaching schools in the world. She opened coach training faculties in 18 cities in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan where she developed the school's coaching business from scratch and was responsible for the hiring, training, and supervision of all coaches and trainers throughout CIS. Anna was an ICF Russia Board of Directors member 2011-2012. Currently Anna is a PCC assessor with ICF.