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Our People


Amy Davis-Bruner


MCC_WebAmy Davis-Bruner is a Solution-Focused, adult educator, entrepreneur, and coach with two decades of experience in educational program design. For Amy, the essence of Solution-Focused coaching is in supporting human neurology as client create and organize around compelling futures. Amy is deeply committed to individuals and organizations interested in stepping through masterful neurology in creating life legacies through value-driven actions.

Amy Davis-Bruner is the founder of Living Portfolio Projects, a company that focuses on leaders reaching new heights of success, finding fulfillment and a deeper sense of satisfaction in creating career and life legacy for themselves and their companies. Amy is passionate about accelerated learning and scalable delivery to organizations interested in supporting cultural shifts that provide opportunities for employees to do their best and to thrive.

She has dedicated her career to creating learning environments that are provocative where participants have the opportunity to let their curiosity drive their learning experiences to ultimately be their best and reach their fullest potential.

Before starting Living Portfolio Projects, she spent 5 years in academia researching cognitive development and neuroscience.  Amy applies this expertise as an Executive Leadership Coach, Erickson Coach Trainer and World Game MOOC Director.