Management Training: Manager as Coach


A three day course on coaching style management.

How can we use team intelligence to solve problems and increase innovative thinking?

How can we create a culture of accountability and accelerate results?

Erickson Corporate International has developed a curriculum preparing today’s leaders to enhance employee talent and performance. A leader’s success is highly dependent upon an employee’s contribution to the completion of business goals. Employee commitment is crucial to successful outcomes.

Create trust & accountability to achieve breakthrough results.

This program will enable leaders to sharpen their leadership & coaching skills so that they can: attract and retain the talent they need for success, foster growth, learn how to provide effective feedback, create learning opportunities, inspire superior performance, and reward high performers.

Build team confidence & create high performance


  • Master the simple conversations that build individual and team confidence
  • Know when to direct and when to coach
  • Be a business leader that inspires confidence in every interaction
  • Use 4 key implementation steps to become a high-performance manager
  • Set-up high-growth employee development
  • Master constructive questioning to assist employees in finding their own solutions.
  • Apply solution-focused coaching methods to establish mutual rapport and develop trust.
  • Coach employees and team members around specific jobs and projects to produce successful results.
  • Create a framework for ownership and accountability within the team.


  • Global Availability
  • Available Online and In Person
  • Customizable

“On the second day I knew I had to get this program in front of every one of my senior managers.” -David Sears, Human Development Manager, Golder

“I now have the tools to connect instantly with anyone. I have a whole new level of confidence in my business.” -Cindy Stradling, Founder, Athena Training

“Week by week, I have been challenging my team members and holding them to their promises. It works. I took more from this program than all the training I have had in my 7 years with American Express.” -Carol Johnston, Manager, American Express

“In 2 days of training and 2 months of follow-up, this program turned my group of team leaders into executive material.” -Steve Lyon, Vice-President, American Express, Markham, Canada

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