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NASA Tested & Valued

In the ongoing endeavor to facilitate high performing employees and teams, limitations such as financial resources and time are familiar and constant challenges. Erickson introduces the fastest, most effective, and least intrusive team development system available in the world today.

It is proven to exponentially increase safety, reliability, and trust among team members. Its unique methodology demands negligible time and produces immediate returns in terms of enhanced respect and trust between team members and reduces risk to project outcomes.

The assessment process takes only a few minutes per quarter, but produces astounding, measurable results. As members begin practice appropriate behaviors in 8 key relational areas, the teams become comprehensively more closely knit, effective, and productive. These results will impact every area of the business. The reduction of stress and the increase in self-leadership is clearly evident.

What is involved?

  • ~ A well-tested 8 part measurement system, used successfully with over 700 NASA teams, tracks team development and in time becomes established as regular practice by team members.
  • ~ Team Leader Coaching. Leadership skills are raised and strengthened throughout the organization as group leaders learn and implement a system of short 4D assessments to upgrade team communication and interaction.
  • ~ Professional Coaching for team members where and when it has the most impact.
  • ~ A workshop to jump-start 4D team communication


*This course is not currently available in British Columbia.