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Why Emotional Intelligence Matters At Work

written byFiona Doran-Smithon 12/07/2013

Having high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) can give you a real advantage in today’s competitive working environment. Emotional intelligence is all about your ability to recognise and understand your emotions and your skill at managing and dealing with other people’s emotional states. Put simply, it is the ability to problem solve with or without emotion.  

There are numerous benefits to developing high levels of emotional intelligence and the good news is that anyone can increase their EI with some good training. Attending an effective emotional intelligence course will help you to elevate your levels of EI so that you can achieve better results at work. Read more about why EI matters at work below:  

1)    Better professional relationships  

Understanding what makes other people tick, and developing positive and harmonious working relationships, is a large part of Emotional intelligence. Improving your EI will enable you to interact and communicate with others more effectively and enhance your professional relationships.  

2)    Increased personal effectiveness  

EI is increasingly being regarded as a major key in personal success and by some as being more important than IQ. Being able to manage yourself and others successfully is often a crucial factor in success.  

3)    Improved thinking skills  

EI can help you to gain new perspectives on old difficulties, therefore improving your problem solving and decision making abilities. It can also help with developing your strategic thinking capability and your ability to motivate and inspire your team.  

4)    Better self-management  

EI gives you the tools to become more self-aware of your emotions and equips you with the strategies to use your emotions effectively, including the negative ones like anger or sadness.  

5)    Improved leadership capability  

Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence have an advantage over their less well-equipped counterparts. EI can help you to develop empathy and understanding about other people and this is crucial to the ability to inspire, influence, motivate and persuade them in a management or leadership role.