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The HUB is a safe, online facility for students to access course information, materials and resources. It also facilitates communication with trainers and fellow students, strengthening the Erickson College community.


The HUB provides a central place to download coaching class materials, allowing trainers to provide you with the most relevant content for your course, in an on-demand format, instead of emailing students directly.

  • ~ Students enrolled in The Art & Science of Coaching (In Person and Online) will have access to recordings of The Art & Science of Coaching Summer Intensive. Once you have completed a module, the corresponding recording will become available to you on the HUB, and will be accessible for a full year after module completion
  • ~ Students gain access to Steps to Success – a complimentary course designed to give you the tools and knowledge to start planning your own coaching business
  • ~ Place an Erickson Alumni Badge on your website via the Erickson Alumni Badge program. There are various badges available depending on the coaching qualification you have received, and the aim of this program is to strengthen the alumni community and help your credibility as a certified life coach, business coach or corporate coach.


The Erickson HUB revolutionizes two-way communication between Erickson College and students. The HUB uses online forums for each module and each class within that module, meaning each forum is specific to relevant topics. This help reduce irrelevant questions and comments, making it easy to navigate. There is also a ‘General’ forum in which any coaching related topic (including ICF certification) can be raised and discussed. The HUB also allows you to communicate with your trainer at your convenience, where you are able to ask questions or clarify points from your course.

Erickson College operates on an international scale. The HUB allows students, trainers and organizers from every corner of the world to communicate and share their thoughts, ideas, coaching techniques, world game, experiences, types of clients, course recommendations and positivity!

If you are an Erickson alumni and would like access to the HUB today, please follow this link to create your account.