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Since 1980 Erickson Coaching International has been pioneering the most effective Coach Training and Business Leadership Programs in the world. Established in over 36 countries and 60 cities, Erickson Coaches integrate the cutting-edge research of Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, to provide innovative education to a global community.

Erickson’s courses combine Masterful Coaching with proven Ericksonian principles and unique solution focused coaching methodologies. The result is ICF accredited program The Art & Science of Coaching, the Erickson Business Center, and Graduate Development Programs.  Each training program delivers cutting edge material that is proven to enhance interpersonal communication and effectiveness, in ways that are fun, engaging, and deeply meaningful.

Named in honor of the brilliant psychologist and psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson, known for his strong belief in the resourcefulness of people, the team at Erickson upholds his legacy by incorporating his principles into the core of all teachings.

From the moment that Enrollment Advisors connect with prospective students to the successful realization of ambitions Erickson is there to support coaches in navigating their unique journey through the myriad of coaching certifications and specializations. Erickson provides students with a comprehensive package, whether you are interested in learning to be a great coach and successful entrepreneur or are interested in implementing coach training into your organization – Erickson has you covered.

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About Erickson’s Solution-Focused Approach

Pioneered and developed by Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, Solution-Focused Coaching is an advanced coaching model that integrates the profession of coaching with a highly developed body of personal growth technologies. Developed over the past 30 years, it provides a comprehensive approach that assists individuals, managers and teams to take action in alignment with their highest individual and corporate vision.

The Solution-Focused approach presents a very elegant pathway towards choice and change. With methods that include NLP tools, “Whiteboard Coaching” and four-quadrant thinking, prospective coaches learn the advanced skill sets that move an individual into the arena of excellence as a coach. No matter where someone is in life, there is always a desire for professional flexibility and creativity, for closer relationships, or for a deeper, richer more meaningful life. Solution-Focused Coaching guides people towards a clearer understanding of their own unique path and creates a framework for them to get there.

About Milton Erickson

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the Solution-Focused Coaching approach grew out of a study of a number of the most successful American therapists and leaders. Legends in their own time, they included Milton Erickson, after whom the college is named. It is widely acknowledged that those outside of a culture often make the most valuable observations and discern distinctions that do not occur to insiders. In many ways, the extremely brilliant and unusual Dr. Erickson was an outsider in his own culture, making a life of insightfully inquiring into the nature of disease, perception, and healing. Color blind, tone deaf, and with unusual muscle control abilities, he was known to have extraordinary powers of observation. His therapeutic successes made him a legend in his own time.

Erickson’s description of how to catalyze natural healing in others, combined with the observations of his students and those who researched him, constitute a gold mine of key insights into the human mind, psychotherapy and healing, that will be explored for decades by therapists and researchers alike. His basic presuppositions that all behavior has a positive, unconscious intent, which must be respected, caused a fundamental paradigm shift in modern psychotherapy and forms the basis of Solution Focused counseling.

Taking advantage of an outside point of view, the unlikely team of a linguist, Dr. John Grinder, and a mathematician-turned Gestalt-therapist, Richard Bandler, came up with a wealth of insights into Erickson’s successes and went on to study other therapeutic wizards, such as Virginia Satir. Studies concerning which techniques work, and how people change and heal, inevitably led to a clear, higher-level understanding of how to catalyze healing. This led to the development of neuro-linguistic programming, which a reviewer in Psychology Today considered to be ‘the most powerful vehicle for change in existence’.

To date, aspects of the Erickson legacy, Accelerated Learning Strategies, and NLP have been integrated into some of the most advanced models in the human potential movement and psychotherapy arenas. This integration has inspired some of the richest insights available in the world today into the nature of the conscious and unconscious minds, hypnosis, psychotherapy and healing.

Message from Marilyn Atkinson, PhD, Founder of Erickson Coaching International

At any given moment in history, at particular locations on the planet, a few specific people and groups can be identified as being on the cutting edge of thought and skills, doing the most advanced work of the time in vitally important areas. Erickson Coaching International is one of these advanced learning centers.

In chaotic times, education must include the skills of leadership and vision. It must include practical methods for bringing visions and values into reality on daily approaches to problem resolution. It must include training in the abilities to utilize events that look like failures as power boosters towards reinventing excellence. It must include a deep understanding of the courage and vulnerability required to lead a distinguishing life.

Erickson Coaching International was founded on a number of empowering models of consciousness which express the intrinsically whole and self-healing qualities of a human being. Solution-Focused Coaching training provides a vision and methodology based on these models. This offers students and clients a direct path to shift communication and creativity paradigms quickly, while pulling individuals toward their creative frontiers. These models, combined with a deep belief in the human growth potential, represent a specific and detailed map of human behavior and relationship, and consequently offer extremely effective pathways for personal, organizational and community expansions.

Every program at Erickson implicitly embeds transformation and accelerated learning within the course content. Students are challenged towards dynamic self-improvement and contribution in the world as ownership is gained over this knowledge. Through this challenge, leadership ability is the fundamental result.

“The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level at which we created them.” – Albert Einstein

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