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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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Dr. Marilyn Atkinson is Erickson’s founder and CEO. Learn about her vision, and speciality courses here.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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Learn how to build a successful and sustainable coaching business in our 6 month interactive online program.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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    We’re looking for a Social Media Community Specialist that will help us continue growing, nurturing and empowering our communities! If you’re heart just skipped a beat, you better read on!   Overview   The Social Media Community Specialist will take on the day-to-day responsibilities of the social media presence for the business. This role will […]

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  • 3 Proven Ways To Self Motivate for Success

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    Everyone wants an ideal life. This is one of the reasons our clients seek us out. As coaches, we inspire others to reach higher and do better, to carve out a purpose and live it to the fullest, but so often we don’t do the same for ourselves. Many of the entrepreneurs I coach come […]

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  • Women Changing The World: Free Speaker Series

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    Changing the world for the better is a HUGE motivator in my life, so I’m super excited to share my story in this incredible speaker series Women Changing the World!   The goal: to help ignite flames of positive encouragement under your respective bottoms and to support you to find your courage, to step up […]

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  • A Quick Start To Online Marketing for Coaches

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    The summer can be a great time to pause, work on your business, revisit your marketing strategies and set new goals for the fall.   Is online marketing one of your top three marketing strategies?   Online marketing can be a very big part of how you get exposure, and once you get it going […]

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  • What Is: Health & Wellness Coaching

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    The Health and Wellness industry has been gaining significant momentum since the early 2000′s.   Now more than ever, people are questioning the health risks attached to mass produced foods and beverages that appear ever so more convenient.   According to a recent health and wellness trend report by the Canadian Government (2011), parents in particular are purchasing more “better […]

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Erickson Coaching pioneers coach training with new and innovative courses, masterful training, and technologically superior online learning. Find out how we stand out from our competitors.

  1. 34 years delivering human development programs
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7 Reasons
The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training


The Art & Science of Coaching Trilogy & Transformational Metaphors

Outside of religious and political movements there is one major human development movement in the world today – solution focused coaching! The three books in the Art & Science of Coaching series go to the heart of this phenomenon. They show you why coaching is on the rise and provide processes for you to learn the power and methodologies of coaching conversations.  <img src=”//pixel.adblade.com/imps.php?sgms=1190″ border=”0″ /> 

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training