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    The most valuable marketing strategy a coach can have is a strong network. As I shared in my last blog, in the Passion into Profit program we talk about networking all the time. We talk about how to use a simple and effective tool to become a Master Networker. It’s called the Foundation 500 List. […]

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    The Tool You Need To Become A Master Networker
  • Overcoming Procrastination

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    Sometimes we end up stuck in a cycle of procrastination that prevents us from getting to all the things we need to finish during the day. Often these can be minor things that aren’t the end of the world if we don’t get to them right away, but what happens when it’s something far more […]

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    Overcoming Procrastination
  • VIDEO: New Online Academy Launch Party

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    Our official Online Academy Launch Party highlights video is ready for you to enjoy!   Thank you again to all who were able to join us at Steel Toad Brewpub & Dining Hall, and thanks to those that joined us from afar on our social media conversations and in spirit!

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    aking Online Coach Training To A New Level
  • Satisfy Your Soul

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    Creating a life that reflects your values and satisfies your soul is a rare achievement. Invent your own life’s meaning…and you’ll be happier for the trouble.  

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    Satisfy Your Soul
  • The Magic of A Smile

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    One of our recent posts was about The Power of Positive Thinking, which stemmed from a lot of the principles behind “The Secret”. In the book/film, The Law of Attraction was demonstrated by describing how, when one person smiles at another, it is nearly impossible for them not to return said smile and this got us thinking […]

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    The Magic of a Smile

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training


The Art & Science of Coaching Trilogy & Transformational Metaphors

Outside of religious and political movements there is one major human development movement in the world today – solution focused coaching! The three books in the Art & Science of Coaching series go to the heart of this phenomenon. They show you why coaching is on the rise and provide processes for you to learn the power and methodologies of coaching conversations.  <img src=”//pixel.adblade.com/imps.php?sgms=1190″ border=”0″ /> 

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training