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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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Dr. Marilyn Atkinson is Erickson’s Founder and CEO. Learn about her vision, and speciality courses here.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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  • How To Conquer The Voice of Doubt

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    Have you ever had to stare down the voice of doubt regarding your decision to be a coach?   Nearly everyone who chooses the entrepreneurial path comes face to face with their inner gremlins at one point or another. Unfortunately, many promising entrepreneurs give up when they hear these voices of doubt. But not Ioana Rus! […]

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  • Coaching Productivity Hacks

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    As entrepreneurs, coaches are focused on their business 24/7. Not only must they take the time to grow and create a sustainable business, but they must be available and attentive to their clients during scheduled sessions. Sometimes it can be hard to keep focused, and knowing how you can prioritize to manage your time best […]

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    Coaching Productivity Hacks
  • Erickson Grad Becomes ICF Business Partner

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    Emma-Louise Elsey is an Erickson Coaching International Graduate, originally from Vancouver and now residing on Salt Spring Island.   Over the past five and a half years Emma-Louise has worked to grow her online coaching business, The Coaching Tools Company, and was recently approved as one of the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Business Solutions Partners, granting […]

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    ICF Business Solutions Partner
  • Your Life Coach Isn’t Your Friend

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    That sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? It’s true though!   Not because life coaches are mean people by any means, but because they are meant to be a guide for you. Whether you are working with a coach in a professional or personal setting, they will help you realize, set and work towards achieving […]

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    Your Life Coach Isn't Your Friend

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Erickson pioneers coach training with new and innovative courses, masterful training, and technologically superior online learning. Find out how Erickson stands out from its competitors:

  • 34 years delivering human development programs
  • ICF accredited
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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training


The Art & Science of Coaching Trilogy & Transformational Metaphors

Outside of religious and political movements there is one major human development movement in the world today – solution focused coaching! The three books in the Art & Science of Coaching series go to the heart of this phenomenon. They show you why coaching is on the rise and provide processes for you to learn the power and methodologies of coaching conversations.  <img src=”//pixel.adblade.com/imps.php?sgms=1190″ border=”0″ /> 

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training