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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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Dr. Marilyn Atkinson is Erickson’s Founder and CEO. Learn about her vision, and speciality courses here.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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  • How Coaching Changes Lives for the Better

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    Professional coaches can make a profound impact in people’s lives. Some stories we’ve heard from our Erickson-trained coaches are just too inspiring not to share.   “Tell me something great about yourself,” Coach Valerie asked a group of addicts in recovery. Nine out of ten of them were able to at least give some sort […]

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    How Coaching Changes Lives For The Better
  • Read Today’s Friday Feeling

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  • Passion Into Profit – Graduate Testimonials

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    Everyone has their own reason for wanting to start a business; it maybe achieving your desired work/life balance, choosing your own colleagues or simply for the challenge. No matter your motivation, The Passion Into Profit Program is designed to help make your business goals a reality.   The most recent Passion Into Profit Program came to […]

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    Passion Into Profit Testimonials
  • Erickson Graduate Success Story

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    With The Art & Science of Coaching in Toronto starting April 30, Kamara Toffolo, Toronto Career & Leadership Coach, shares her experience from this in-person coach training. The in-person delivery of the program in Toronto is one of the reasons I chose Erickson for my coach training, not to mention the spectacular faculty and excellent support […]

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  • 90% Of Students Fail Online Classes

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    Research conducted by Columbia University’s Community College Research Center has shown that students who enroll in online courses are far more likely to withdraw from, or fail, the course than students in traditional classroom-style courses? Attrition rates can be as high as 90% in online classes. Why so high, you say?   While online learning can be […]

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    Frustrations with Online Learning

7 Reasons To Choose Erickson

We appreciate you have choices.
So why is Erickson Coaching a great choice?

Erickson pioneers coach training with new and innovative courses, masterful training, and technologically superior online learning. Find out how Erickson stands out from its competitors:

  • ✓ 34 years delivering human development programs
  • ✓ ICF accredited
  • ✓ Tools and resources to keep you connected
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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training

Erickson In The News

Gamification Used in Adult Education

Vancouver Sun – February 25, 2015
Erickson Coaching International is a training centre for coaches — people who work with other people, coaching them to improve their personal and professional lives. It offers training both in person and online, but it is online where the school is using tactics from video games to boost learning.  <img src=”//pixel.adblade.com/imps.php?sgms=1190″ border=”0″ /> 

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training