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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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Dr. Marilyn Atkinson is Erickson’s Founder and CEO. Learn about her vision, and speciality courses here.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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ICF Life Coach Certification

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    You’re interested in coaching because you feel you can have a meaningful impact to help someone achieve their goals. But how does life coaching really do that for actual clients outside the classroom? We chatted with an expert at getting people to get the best out of their potential, even when they’re feeling at their […]

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    Getting Back in Touch with Your Potential
  • Read Today’s Friday Feeling

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    Friday Feeling
  • Coaching Journey

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      Angelina Kukkamalla | Guntur, India “My Journey to join this training program started when I was asked this question: “Who will want you?” This question boggled my mind, and I got stressed and depressed.   I was taking a break in my career doing my doctoral degree, which was taking lot of time. Nobody understood […]

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    My Journey To Becoming A Coach - Contest
  • Learning is Uncomfortable Sometimes

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    And that’s OK!   In a happy, fuzzy world of unicorns and rainbows, learning is a non-stop fun time of opening up your mind to new experiences and ways of thinking. Of course, as actual human beings who have ever been in any kind of school for anything know…learning can be hard. It can make […]

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    Learning Is Uncomfortable
  • Break Through Perfectionism

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    Guest post by Rochelle Ceira Salvador Dali once said, “Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it.”    If the surrealist legend Salvador Dali considered perfection to be a ridiculous, non-attainable goal, who are we to try to obtain it? Dali may have been an obsessive, peculiar man himself, but he knew what he […]

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    Remind Yourself That It's OK Not To Be Perfect

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Erickson pioneers coach training with new and innovative courses, masterful training, and technologically superior online learning. Find out how Erickson stands out from its competitors:

  • ✓ 34 years delivering human development programs
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Gamification Used in Adult Education

Vancouver Sun – February 25, 2015
Erickson Coaching International is a training centre for coaches — people who work with other people, coaching them to improve their personal and professional lives. It offers training both in person and online, but it is online where the school is using tactics from video games to boost learning.  <img src=”//pixel.adblade.com/imps.php?sgms=1190″ border=”0″ /> 

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The Art & Science of Coaching - Books for Life and Business Coaching Training